Grana Town Hall

Address: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 39, 14031 Grana AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 92623
Fax: 0141 924185
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Grana is located in Piedmont, in the center of one of the most renowned Italian wine regions: the Monferrato, in a hilly agricultural and woodland setting, 20 km from Asti, 30 km from Alessandria and Casale Monferrato.

The village, as attested in medieval documentation since the year 886, probably owes its name to the homonymous torrent.

The hills, of clayey and gently undulating nature, are covered in the sunniest areas of well-tended vineyards.

Visiting or living Grana is ideal for letting time flow around natural rhythms, rediscovering oneself and the ancient values, heritage of doing and being, ancient crafts, and traditions.

Although immersed in the green hills of Monferrato, Grana offers all the services plus an intense recreational and cultural activity throughout the year.

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