Church of S. Antonio da Padova

Address: Via Roma, 30, 14031 Grana AT, Italia

The church of via Roma (formerly via S. Antonio) celebrates the glory of S. Antonio da Padova.

It seems that, in ancient times, the church was dedicated to the cult of S. Antonio Abate (or of the desert, also called by the people “S. Antonio del porcello” because many times it is depicted with a pig next to it).

This conviction can also be corroborated by the fact that in a report of pastoral visit concerning the old parish church among the side altars listed above is cited by S. Antonio Abate, co-protector of the village.

Also in the apse basin, between the protectors and the saints, St. Anthony is depicted with fire in his hands.

In ancient times it was a few meters shorter than the current roadway and was accessed from the wall currently facing the Via Sottopiantati.

At the beginning of the last century it was very degraded, so much so that the bishop no longer allowed the celebration of mass in this chapel.

The community decided to rebuild it and at the end of the last century the building was raised at street level, opening the door to it.

However, there are two testimonies of its antiquity: the inscription engraved in a brick MCCCLXXXV (1385) and the fragment of fresco surfaced during the cleaning of 1979.

It stands in a panoramic position.

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