Church of S. Rocco

Address: Via Professor Innocenzo Garrone, 28, 14031 Grana AT, Italia

The church of S. Rocco seems to ideally divide the town from the lush countryside that opens behind it.

Built in the 16th century, it was completely out of the country, so much so that during the plague that struck northern Italy between 1629 and 1631 (diffused by Lanzichenecchi who arrived from Germany in the pay of the Spaniards for the siege of Casale) it was chosen as a hospital (hospital for infectious).

It has no artistic pretensions but has a pleasant architectural line.

The conserved statue dedicated to S. Rocco is in polychrome plaster, according to the taste of the period.

The little dog next to the Saint has a typical Monferrato “grissia” in his mouth, not an ordinary sandwich, so it is more than probable that the unknown 17th century author was native of these parts, without forgetting that Grana has always been famous for his plaster of Paris, one of the noblest gypsum varieties.

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